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Your Emotions Always Tell the Truth.

(Just not always the truth you think.)

Numb is the new normal.

Escapism masks our inner turmoil.

Emotional immaturity undermines our spiritual growth.

We run from our emotions, repress and ignore them, try to smooth our inner turbulence with wise-sounding spiritual phrases. Still, many of us find ourselves stuck. We deal with the same struggles over and over again. Relationships fail. We do all the right Christian things, and yet don't sense an increased intimacy with God or the people around us.

We were created in God's image.

That means our emotions were, too.

So why do we consider our emotions untrustworthy?

Why is emotional maturity not a part of discipleship in the church?

There has to be a better way.

"I’m so grateful there are people like Marc in the body of Christ who point us to an authentic relationship with ourselves and Jesus. The Wisdom of Your Heart is a much-needed narrative about the richness we can have in our emotional lives, full of honest examples and biblical truth."

Mary DeMuth, author of We Too and Not Marked.

The Wisdom of Your Heart

Discovering the God-given Purpose and Power of Your Emotions.

The Wisdom of Your Heart challenges Christian myths about emotions and equips us to discover the wisdom within this God-given gift. What myths? Emotions lead you astray. Emotions aren’t spiritual. And the biggest one: God is not emotional. The truth is this: Emotions are a God-given source of wisdom when we know how to listen.  The Wisdom of Your Heart explores:

  • The 4 biggest myths Christians have learned about emotions in church.
  • What Scripture really says about our emotions.
  • Brain research that gives unexpected insight into emotion's purpose.
  • Why denying our emotions hurts intimacy, families, even the church.
  • Why no one can truly mature spiritually without maturing emotionally.
  • How to notice your emotions and hear the truth they contain.
"Emotions can often be a fickle dish. Still, emotions are made by the finger of God. We are made in the image of God. As such, we find ourselves in worship before an emotional God who loves, fights, cries, gets jealous, and embodies compassion at every turn of scripture. Emotions are as much central to the life of God as they are to the life of faith. The journey Schelske has trekked here takes us deep into the caverns of these emotions with a fire and fearlessness that I rarely see among Christ-followers. I endorse this book heartily. I don't believe it will disappoint."

A.J. Swaboda, professor at Portland and Fuller Seminaries

God never intended us to fight with our emotions.

God intended us to learn from them.

The Wisdom of Your Heart explains why and how. Starting with his own emotional breakdown, and then moving through what the Bible says about our emotions, and the best understanding that current brain studies have given us, Marc leads the reader on a journey of making peace with our emotions, and coming to be able to hear the wisdom they contain.

  • Was "Don't Cry" or "Shake it off" a mantra in your home growing up?
  • Did your family or church pretend everything was OK when it wasn't?
  • Do you find yourself exploding with anger in situations where that's a bit too much?
  • Were you taught that Godly people couldn't be emotional people?
  • Does it seems like your emotions are always leading you into terrible decisions?
  • Do your emotions (or other people's emotions) leave you feeling out of control?
  • Was your family, business or church damaged by emotional immaturity or brokenness?
  • Do you want to understand emotions better?

Then The Wisdom of Your Heart is for you.

Hard-earned Wisdom.

Marc Alan Schelske is a husband, dad, speaker, writer, hobbyist theologian, and recovering fundamentalist who drinks tea and rides a motorcycle. Marc is privileged to serve as the teaching elder for Bridge City Community Church, a rag-tag faith community in Milwaukie, Oregon. There he focuses on inside-out living, and what it looks like to follow Jesus at the intersection of grace and growth.

As a writer and speaker, Marc brings solid Biblical study and theological depth, but with a vulnerable and authentic voice that connects with people worn out by the church machine and looking for honest-to-goodness personal transformation.

More important than any of this, however, Marc has walked the difficult path of emotional recovery.

Growing up in a conservative church community, he internalized many messages about avoiding, ignoring, or repressing emotions. Trauma early in life and his own perfectionism wired him up for a driven life of accomplishment and performance.

In 2006, with the birth of his first child, his life began to splinter and fall apart, leaving Marc in a deep depression.

Marc's emotionally disconnected life very nearly cost him everything that mattered to him—his marriage, his family, his ministry. Step-by-step, with the care of wise mentors, a graceful community, miles of painful personal exploration—as well as the guidance of a caring therapist—Marc has walked through his own darkness, with a continuing story of personal, spiritual and emotional growth and healing.

Reviews & Interviews

"Despite what you’ve heard or believed, emotions aren’t mere inconveniences that can be buried or brushed aside. Like the determined fly buzzing your bedroom at night, you can ignore them only at the high cost of your rest and peace. Instead, emotions must be acknowledged, listened to, learned from. Only then can you find the life of peace and wholeness you crave. This book is the net to help you catch what’s been keeping you awake, and Marc is the mentor to help you navigate the dark."

Michele Cushatt, author of I Am and Undone.

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